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We move more
than just goods.
We also move careers.

It is important to us to create a working environment that guarantees equality. In doing so, we focus completely on the personal and professional development of our Forties by always encouraging and challenging each other.

Our Vision

"We are building the backbone of global trade,
to make shipping goods as easy as sending emails."

Erik Muttersbach
celebrating the best team in
Nina Göntgen-Voss
celebrating a more sustainable
future of logistics.

Our Values

How do we want
to reach it?

We are one.

No matter what happens - we support each other, trust each other, and grow together.

We love what we do.

Our work is more than a job, it is our passion. We give everything and infect others with our enthusiasm.

We think customer & act owner.

The success of our customers is our success. With a focus on the needs of our customers, we take responsibility for the appropriate solutions.

We nail it and scale it.

"Can't" is not part of our vocabulary. We think big, look for challenges and master them.


We focus on impact.

We always have a goal in mind and focus on the big, rewarding challenges.


Our People

Who we reach
it with

Juan Rubio

Juan Rubio

VP Growth
At Forto every day is different and every 6 months it is a new company. Overall, figuring out cool solutions for our customers, surrounded by smart and friendly people is my favorite thing to do here!


Priyanka Soni

Head of Commercial Partnerships & Strategy
What still excites me are the depth chats with knowledgeable, smart and motivated colleagues - Forto is really a place to learn, contribute and grow while leading highly relevant business topics.

Mridul Meharia

Mridul Meharia

Senior Software Engineer
People at Forto aim for a fulfilling life, beyond just work; inspiring others to do the same. Saying that Forto is a place where you "just do" your job would be nothing short of a lie.

Tanja Müller

Senior Logistics Manager
It is unbelievable and amazing until today to be a part of Forto because you can feel the Forto culture every day. So there is no need to talk about a job. It is far away from “just to be a job”. It’s a family.

Our benefits


Nilo.health Urban Sports Club Rabatt Weekly Yoga Session Weekly “Healthy back” Training


Job Rad Office Transfer B <> HH <> HB

Modern offices

Inspiring Office Designs Flexible desk solutions Free office snacks and drinks


Climate Action Group Emission Offsetting Organic Food Green Energy Eco-friendly traveling FutureBens

Learning & Development

2 Feedback Cycles / year Personal Development Budget German Language Courses Forto Library

Work Environment

Flexible working hours Pension Scheme Regular Team Events Referral Programs


Remote Work Home Office Equipment (e.g. desks, chairs)


Visa and Relocation Support Structured remote Onboarding process Buddy Program

In your next life, would you rather be reborn as a…

We are really passionate when it comes to Logistics. If they could, our Forties would love to be reborn as a…

Airplane ✈️     66%

Ship 🚢     20%



To work we go by…

Bicycle 🚲  28%

Car 🚗 25%

🚇 23%

🏍 7%

Your most frequently used form of transportation...

"Early Bird" or "Night Owl"?

Sounds crazy but it’s true: 57% like to start the day with a fresh and sunny “Hello Forto”. How the 43% of our night owls feel about that?

Early Bird 🌇    57%

Night Owl 🦉    43%

Forties walk on the sunny side of life. Or at least spend their free time there. Because for 57% of us the favorite vacation destination is the beach.

Beach 🌴  57%

Mountain ⛰️ 43%

What are your favorite vacation destinations?

Are we rather a Coffee or Tea person?

Did someone say coffee break? Because Forties are real coffee lovers: 53%

Coffee ☕️ 64%

Tea 🍵 36%

Curious to join? We look forward to your application.