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Senior Product Manager (f/m/d) – Tech Hub

What if… your work empowered change in an industry that essentially impacts the prosperity of the entire world? Forto is in business to exactly do that – disrupt logistics! Simplifying global trade has been our mission from day one. Our exponentially growing team of technology and logistics experts forge ahead each day with the goal to deliver a highly transparent, frictionless and sustainable digital supply chain while chasing towards our moonshot goal of achieving climate neutral operations by 2025.

Launching from Berlin, Germany in 2016, Forto has steadily sailed to the status of a unicorn scale-up, captivating the global stage. Recognized as trailblazers in the logistics domain, our pioneering efforts in digitalization of logitics have propelled our international expansion and driven our valuation to an impressive $2.1 billion. Our success is a testament to our unwavering commitment to transforming the logistics industry and reshaping global trade.

Your role

Embark on a transformative journey with Forto, a leader in digital freight forwarding, and seize the opportunity to redefine the future of logistics. As a Senior Product Manager (f/m/d), you're not just stepping into a role; you're leading innovation and working to disrupt an industry, shaping the direction of our product offerings from conception to execution. This isn't merely about managing products; it's about owning the narrative of change, about being the architect of solutions that will revolutionize how businesses operate in the logistics sphere.

You'll be the visionary, the strategist, and the driving force behind our mission to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Generative AI and machine learning, you'll lead the charge in automating complex logistics processes, unlocking new levels of efficiency and highest levels of service quality. This is a role where your decisions matter, where your ideas shape the trajectory of an entire industry.

You'll work hand in hand with cross-functional teams, from engineering to sales, to bring your vision to life. You'll foster a culture of innovation and excellence, empowering your team to think boldly and execute flawlessly. This is your chance to not only lead but to inspire, to mentor the next generation of product leaders and leave a persisting mark on the logistics landscape.

You will

  • Champion Product Vision: Define and execute a compelling product vision and strategy, taking the lead in collaboration with key stakeholders
  • Lead Process Definition: Shape and refine system processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness in product development and delivery
  • Innovate with Technology: Harness the power of Generative AI and machine learning to work on AI Agents for automation of logistics processes and boosting data accuracy
  • Align for Success: Set clear KPIs and success metrics, measure impact, and adapt strategies to ensure continuous improvement
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Dive deep into customer needs and craft tailored solutions that address pain points and deliver value
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Keep a finger on the pulse of market trends and competitor activities to maintain our competitive edge
  • Inspire and Mentor: Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, empowering your team to excel and drive results

What you bring

  • Must-Have:

    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience
    • 4+ years of product management experience with a proven track record of successful product delivery
    • Experience in B2B product development and launching technologies
    • Strong leadership skills with the ability to drive product vision, strategy, and cross-functional collaboration
    • Knowledge across multiple functional areas such as Engineering, UX/UI, Finance, Sales, or Customer Support
    • High proficiency in English written and spoken
  • Nice-to-Have:

    • Familiarity with AI/ML technologies
    • Experience in building scalable platforms
    • Track record in high-growth companies or global product development

If you're ready to take ownership of this exciting journey and leave your mark, apply now and be part of our transformative team!

Forto is an internationally growing company

  • Company language: English
  • 17+ offices across Europe & Asia
  • 800+ employees
  • 30+ nationalities represented
  • 2500+ customers

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  • At our core, we are in love with progress and cannot cope with the standstill.
  • We are constantly striving for ways to be even better tomorrow. We are facilitators, we are explorers, we are visionaries.
  • Forto provides a sense of belonging, where everyone has equal access to opportunities, career advancement and recognition. It stands for a workplace where people from all walks of life, with diverse perspectives and experiences can do their best work, while being their authentic selves. That’s why we encourage people of all backgrounds, genders, ages, races, religions, and abilities to apply for our opportunities!


Work Life:

  • Experience a company culture where we work on eye level and knowledge sharing, as well as mentoring is on our daily agenda.
  • We love our work and tackling business challenges but also believe in the importance of having a healthy balance with our personal life. That's why we appreciate a flexible work setup that fits around family, friends, and physical health.
  • We have the freedom to work in a hybrid setup.


Company Offering:


  • Sustainability Team
  • Emission Offsetting
  • Green Energy
  • Organic Food
  • Paperless Office

Work Setup

  • Inspiring Office Spaces
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Team & Company Events
  • Hybrid Work 

Learning & Development

  • Peer Learning Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Leadership Training
  • L&D Budget


  • Best Onboarding Program
  • Visa & Relocation Support
  • Remote Onboarding
  • Buddy Program
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