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Senior Software Engineer (f/m/d) – SRE

What if… your work empowered change in an industry that essentially impacts the prosperity of the entire world? Forto is in business to exactly do that – disrupt logistics! Simplifying global trade has been our mission from day one. Our exponentially growing team of technology and logistics experts forge ahead each day with the goal to deliver a highly transparent, frictionless and sustainable digital supply chain while chasing towards our moonshot goal of achieving climate neutral operations by 2025.

Your Role

The Site Reliability Engineering team at Forto is responsible for reliability and developer experience. We are enabling our development teams to write complex business logic, by providing best in class tooling and infrastructure. We have a production environment based on GCP, Kubernetes, Terraform and Helm. On top of that we have a self service tooling, written in typescript. 

“You build it, you run it” is a goal for our developers. We love to make our engineer’s lives better, so they can build, run, observe and in general own the software they write on all levels.

You will

  • Build out our runtime platform as a self-service product that enables our engineering teams to write code, run workloads, and drive engineering culture forward 
  • Bring software development skills and practices into platform engineering, such as code quality, domain driven design and test driven development
  • Work closely with the entire Engineering function, serve as a steward of platform architecture, embracing new technologies, and cleaning up an old ones
  • Ensure site reliability by building observability solutions, deployment and disaster recovery automation
  • Write engineering guidelines and evangelize best practises within the Engineering function
  • Improve developer productivity by working with engineers on platform services and developer tooling
  • Serve as second line of defense for incidents and be the background on-call for our developers

What you bring

  • You are a senior backend engineer, but not afraid of SRE work
  • You have a passion for challenging problems and their solutions 
  • You are an excellent communicator who builds collaborative relationships with technical and non-technical partners
  • You have experience in designing, developing, analyzing and troubleshooting complex engineering systems
  • You have a proven track record in software development, preferably for building frameworks and infrastructure
  • You love systems engineering, understands infrastructure as a code and would like to follow a GitOps principles 
  • You are familiar with a blameless post mortem culture and is willing to follow up the incidents

Forto is an internationally growing company

  • Company language: English
  • 17+ offices across Europe & Asia
  • 800+ employees
  • 30+ nationalities represented
  • 2500+ customers

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  • At our core, we are in love with progress and cannot cope with the standstill.
  • We are constantly striving for ways to be even better tomorrow. We are facilitators, we are explorers, we are visionaries.
  • Forto provides a sense of belonging, where everyone has equal access to opportunities, career advancement and recognition. It stands for a workplace where people from all walks of life, with diverse perspectives and experiences can do their best work, while being their authentic selves. That’s why we encourage people of all backgrounds, genders, ages, races, religions, and abilities to apply for our opportunities!


Work Life:

  • Experience a company culture where we work on eye level and knowledge sharing, as well as mentoring is on our daily agenda.
  • We love our work and tackling business challenges but also believe in the importance of having a healthy balance with our personal life. That's why we appreciate a flexible work setup that fits around family, friends, and physical health.
  • We have the freedom to work in a hybrid setup.


Company Offering:


  • Sustainability Team
  • Emission Offsetting
  • Green Energy
  • Organic Food
  • Paperless Office

Work Setup

  • Inspiring Office Spaces
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Team & Company Events
  • Hybrid Work 

Learning & Development

  • Peer Learning Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Leadership Training
  • L&D Budget


  • Best Onboarding Program
  • Visa & Relocation Support
  • Remote Onboarding
  • Buddy Program
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